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WEEKS 5 – 8

Your periods / menses have not arrived on their expected date. Are you Pregnant? Should you go to a doctor? Can you confirm your self? Well if you are wondering on similar lines, then go on and browse a bit more to find out.  Yes, if you have missed your period and have been trying to conceive its time for you to confirm you’re suspicious and congratulate your self.    

Your journey towards child-birth has just started, but you may already show signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Common Symptoms / Complaints

  • Morning Sickness
  • Which means that you have terrible nausea or you feel like vomiting but actual vomiting may or may not be there.Alas! As the name suggests, the affliction does not necessarily prevail during the “morning” hours. You may feel ill at other times or even throughout the day. This ill feeling, lethargy, nausea and vomiting will make you run away from food and drinks (If you are one of the lucky ones you may escape having it completely)
  • But there are always some things you can do to reduce it like:
  • Have a bland diet and oil-free diet.
  • Eat frequent small meals instead of two square
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a dry cracker or toasts before you brush your teeth or do anything after waking up in the morning. Your partner can fix you this bed breakfast.
  • Yogurt/ Curds may be helpful.
  • Eat foods containing proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Antacids and anti vomiting drugs on prescription of your doctor may help
  • Do not lie down immediately after meals.
  • Keep your head elevated while sleeping. 
  • Accupressure and Seabands may prove helpful,
  • Breast discomfort and changes

You may feel a tightening in your breast. Your breast may begin to grow and nipples begin to darken This is to prepare you for after delivery so be comforted.

Some of you may get spotting for 1 – 2 days during expected time of periods, nothing to worry about.

Changes in taste and aversions to certain foods.

  • Cravings     

Increased frequency of urination due to the enlarging uterus pressing on your urinary bladder.

  • Fatigue

One of the most common complaints. It can be tackled by adequate sleep, diet and rest. Take a break from work after every 2 – 3 hours. And of course, this is your time and your show. So if someone is pampering you   Be Pampered!

  • Foetus or Your Baby inside

Your baby is growing fast. From a single microscopic cell, it grows up to the size of a thumbnail by the 6th week. The heart starts beating around this time and can be seen doing so on an ultrasound.


  • Your Body and You

Body changes are not so obvious at this stage. Your uterus though enlarging, can be made out to be SEEN only by an internal examination. ( P.V. – per vaginum )   Emotional changes are much more obvious. You may become irritable and have mood swings like during pre menstrual time (Pre menstrual syndrome) This is the time for the spouse to provide emotional support. You may have misgivings and fear or joy and elation. Regarding your pregnancy. You can come to us to clear the former and share the latter with us.



  • Visit to your Doctor

This is the right time for the first visit to your doctor after your conception. During this visit you can:

  • Confirm your pregnancy
  • Have a detailed discussion regarding your pregnancy and doubts with your doctor.
  • Your doctor may examine you thoroughly (including an internal examination.)
  • You baseline weight, height, BP, may be recorded in the consulting room. 
  • He may carry out a urine test  to confirm your pregnancy.
  • You may be advised to get few baseline blood and urine tests   
  • Usually in a non-complicated pregnancy no medications except Folic acid is required during this period.
  • Last but not the least, he may advice you regarding various dos and don’ts of pregnancy which have to be carefully followed.
  • Possible Problems

Report immediately to your doctor in case of:

  1. Excessive vomiting and acidity.
  2. Bleeding through the vagina:    .
  3. Abdominal pain and burning micturation.
  4. Blackouts.
  5. Coughing of blood.
  6. Any other medical illness.
  7. And in case of any doubts what so ever.
  • Important Instructions

Here are few important instructions to be followed by you during this period:

  • Diet     
  • Clothes
    Since there are hardly any noticeable changes in your body, your old clothes /dresses still fit you. But it is always better to wear loose and comfortable dresses/clothes. Footwear should be flat and comfortable. High heels are not only dangerous but may also increase your backache.
  • Exercise
    No new exercise or strenuous exercises should be done. Walking, swimming, yoga are some of the best exercises. Prescribed    
  • Work and Travel
    You can work if your job does not involve heavy physical work. Travelling by road especially the ones here in India is not advisable. Air and Rail travel is best. This may not always seem feasible but you must atleast try avoiding the jerks during travel as much as possible. Long distance travelling and vacations should be preferably avoided in the 1st trimester.
  • Sex
    Sexual intercourse though not contraindicated, is bestavoided during the first three months of pregnancy, especially by women who have had bleeding during pregnancy and previous abortions or pregnancy losses. Caressing, fondling can be done for sexual gratification without any worry.
    You may find your sex drive makedly decreased during this period andsome may even develop an aversion to it. May be its nature’s way of safeguarding the pregnancy. Your spouse will have to bear this in mind and be extra understanding
  • Medication
    No medication should be started unless your doctor has been communicated and informed regarding your pregnant state.


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