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WEEKS 25 – 28

This is a crucial period in your pregnancy as at the end of 28 weeks, the foetus is said to be "viable." It means that the baby if born after this period can survive, although it may need some intensive care.

Common Complaints

The complaints you might have during this period are the same as that during weeks 21 – 24 But the only difference might be that they are increased in their intensity and are more troublesome.Their causes and treatment has been discussed in that section as the size of the uterus and your body needs and the foetal needs are constantly on the rise.

Apart from these, you may also experience:

  • Pain and numbness in the hand.
  • Pain and needle sensations in the extremity.
  • Headache.
  • Increased leg cramps. 

Foetus / Your Baby Within:



 The brain, lungs and all other systems are maturing. The baby might show some respiratory movements taking in amniotic fluid instead of air.Fat accumulation starts occurring beneath the skin. The baby may sometimes even suck its thumb in utero. This may at times lead blister formation. Your baby may be able to see light through the abdomen and respond to it.All the systems/ organs are formed completely. Only maturation of individual system is remaining now.

 You may be looking flushed in your face and healthy. This is due to increase in your blood circulation. Your breasts, which have enlarged, may start secreting milk in very small quantities.This may be the time that apprehension regarding motherhood, baby’s health and other aspects of pregnancy may crop up. Some of you may even be anxious for your pregnancy to get over. But you will have to wait for some time now.

Visit To Your Doctor:        The usual protocol is followed during your visits to your doctor.Apart from that, few repeat tests like Hemoglobin level and VDRL may be asked for. Your doctor may also do a glucose challenge to find out if you have the potential to be diabetic.   .   If you have not yet received your 2nd tetanus toxoid injection, you may receive it now.Your weight gain is around 7 – 8 kgs and increasing at the rate of 1 pound / week or 2 kg/month.The medicine (Iron and Calcium) given to you earlier will be continued.

Important Instructions:     
Few important tips to be noted are as follows:

Breast Care : Its best done now, as doing it once the baby is born, will mean keeping the baby away from breast feeding.If you have cracked nipples or inverted nipples, inform your doctor so those necessary corrective steps can be taken.Some of you will small breast may wonder if there would be adequate milk secretion for the baby’s need. Don’t worry! Leave it to Mother Nature. Large breasts needn’t necessarily secrete more milk and vice-versa.

Sibling rivalry : If you already have children and you are pregnant, then you have to be extra careful regarding the acceptance of the new one by the elder siblings. If not properly primed and educated before birth, you may find that you have a problem on your hands. This priming has to be done during the pregnancy itself. You may explain to your little ones about an expected new arrival (brother or sister). Once you start appreciating the foetal movements you can show and make your young ones feel the same, so that they appreciate a new life within you.Of course, sometimes, you may be confronted with awkward questions. You might try and instill in them a sense of responsibility and make them feel important. You may also tell them that their help will be absolutely needed for the proper up-bringing of the new one so that the new one turns out to be just as good as they are.


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