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STAGES OF LABOUR    fourth stage

4th Stage:

This is the period from the delivery of the afterbirth to the time when the woman is examined and then transferred to her room. This is usually done after 2 hours of delivery.

Once all your delivery procedures are over, you will be kept in the labour ward for approximately 2 hours before being shifted to your room.You are kept under observation for 2 hours to rule out any complications like bleeding, difficulty in passing urine, swelling of episiotomy wound, etc.

Once these have been ruled out you will be sent to your room. During this period you are expected to rest and you may nurse the baby as this increases the bonding between you and the baby. Link to Advantages of breastfeeding in Breastfeeding . The baby is also more alert during the 1st hour after birth. You may be asked to pass urine before being shifted out or a catheter / tube may be used to empty your urinary bladder.Your doctor will make a thorough check up of your baby. And then baby will be given Vit. K injection, as the stores of Vit.K (needed for clotting of blood) are low in newborn babies. Before shifting you to your room your doctor will check you parameters like pulse, blood pressure, contraction of uterus, presence of any  bleeding, etc.Once he/she is sure that everything is fine, he/she will then have you shifted to your room.Before shifting be sure to ask your doctor the do’s and don’ts in the next few days.














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