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Good posture is essential throughout pregnancy because your centre of gravity changes.

  • While standing, hold your head up, with your chin tucked in, neck straight and pull back your shoulders.

  • While sitting on a chair, sit straight. Donít slump forward.

  • Tailor sitting / Indian style is an excellent posture. It improves the circulation in the legs.

  • In supine position (flat on back), the weight of the baby inside the uterus presses on the major vessels, thus causing less blood supply to the heart and the placenta. This is better avoided.

  • It is better to lie on your left side while lying down with a pillow placed lengthwise between your legs.

  • While getting up from lying down position, first roll on your side to the sitting position then stand up.

  • While walking, do not swing your legs sideways in a waddle.

  • Donít lift heavy objects. Lift only those things that can be lifted with one hand.

  • Donít bend while lifting things from the ground. Instead, lower yourself on one knee while lifting things off the ground.


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