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Using all three methods: temperature, cervical mucus, and calendar are called the symptothermal method. The symptothermal method allows a woman to be more accurate in predicting her safe days than if she uses any one of the methods alone. When using these methods together, the signs of one can be used to confirm those of the others. Combining methods also permits sexual relations during the early dry days, and shortens the period of abstinence necessary for complete protection when using the temperature method alone.

Failure rate
Of 100 couples who use symptothermal methods for one year, 10 - 20 women will become pregnant. This is due to failure of learning or advice or non co-operation of one or the other partner. However, in the study group under strict supervision the failure rate is only 3%.

Advantages of these methods

  • No physical side effects as any drugs, devices, chemicals or surgery required.
  • It is safe.
  • It is economical.
  • It improves martial relationship as it involves co-operation of both partners.
  • It can be discontinued easily if pregnancy desired.
  • Once learned properly, doesn’t need any follow up or supply of contraceptives.

For better affectivity of this methods

  • You are required to keep consistent and accurate records.

  • Do not use hormonal contraceptives, Link to Hormonal contraception in Preventing pregnancy, while recording. Hormones in the Pill alter the natural menstruation and fertility cycle. Instead, use barrier methods. Link to Barrier contraception in Preventing Pregnancy.

  •  Needs co – operation of your partner for the abstinence or for use of barrier contraception during the unsafe days.

  Do not depend on charting your fertility pattern if

  • You have irregular periods, during breast-feeding and those approaching menopause.
  • Your partner is unwilling to observe periods of abstinence from vaginal intercourse, practice withdrawal, or use barrier methods at unsafe times.
  • You have a sexually transmitted infection or frequent abnormal discharges.
  • You cannot keep careful records.

Charting you fertility pattern can work for you if

  • You have received careful instruction in the methods.
  • You have only one sex partner and he is equally committed to the methods you want to use.
  • You have the self discipline required to check and chart your fertility signs and observe the rules.

Charting your fertility pattern may not be appropriate for you if

  • You have more than one sex partner does.
  • Your sex partner isn’t equally committed to the methods you want to use.
  • You are temperamentally unsuited for keeping close track of your fertile days.
  • You have doubts about being able to abstain from vaginal intercourse for at least 10 days each month or to use a barrier method on "unsafe" days.
  • You wouldn’t consider having an abortion although you have a medical condition that poses a grave danger for you if you become pregnant.
  • You take medication that may affect your cervical mucus, body temperature, or menstrual regularity.


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